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My Story 

In the year of 1980AD in a small hospital in Jakarta Indonesia, born a baby boy.His parents was very happy about their new baby. The baby grow and grow, he went to kindergarten, and elementary school, and then he continue his school to "Lab school" Junior high in jakarata. After graduate from the junior high he continue his school out of his hometown. He went to Magelang, to continue his school in "Taruna Nusantara" senior high . In there he learn so many new things, he learn how to live on his own, without his parents around him, he learn discpline, he learn how to struggle and fight with him self, he learn that out there there are many things that he has never known before, and that he will never know them all unless if he is willing to know.He knew how to be nothing and how to be somebody that has great power. He knew how people learn. And the most important thing he knew there are three magic letter which he can depends on, he knew that it will take care of him, comfort him, safe him, turn his mourning into dancing. IT is..........G............O.............D Yup, thats right " GOD " after he graduate from Taruna Nusantara Senior high, he continue his study back to his home town in Jakarta , in University of Indonesia, and he take Metallurgical engineering as his major. After 1 year in UI , now he continue his study in singapore, in Nanyang Technological University, and he take Materials Engineering as his major. His name is:

"Palindungan Yonathan"

And this is his story